Why PM Modi Resigned To Become PM Again?

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On 5th June 2024, Wednesday, PM Modi resigned from his post as Prime Minister. It has been claimed that he has given his resignation to become PM again. Some people are not aware of this. A lot of people do know why the PM has to resign to become PM again. Now learn why Narendra Modi ha done this in this blog.

Why PM Modi Resigned To Become PM Again?

PM Modi Resigned

PM Modi resigned from his post of Prime Minister on 5th June 2024, Wednesday. He tendered his resignation along with the Council of Ministers to President Droupadi Murmu. He has given his resignation just after a day he won Lok Sabha election 2024. He made a official record of becoming a Prime Minister for the third time in a row. He is the only PM who has done that. To become PM again he has given his resignation.

As per the law, it is important to give the resignation to become an PM again. Law says the President of India invited the leading party or bloc, which is depended on the numbers to form the next government. If a single patryty or a coalition of particles can stitch together the magic number of 272.

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They can stake the claim to form the government. The President of India invited the leader of the single largest party or the majority alliance to form the government. The law says that if no party can attain the majority in the Lok Sabha, then it is known as a hung parliament. So in this situation, the Presidne invited the leader of the single largest party. And give him or her 10 to show an majority. If the party is unable to show the majority in the time period then the president will dissolve the parlaiemtn and also the calls for a re-election.

As per the reports, Bharatiya Janata Party acquired 240 seats, short of majority mark of 272 seats, TDP and JD(U), the NDA attained 292 seats. PM Modi has officaly invited by the President to form the next government. The old government has resigned and Modi and his ministers have entered their resignation.

President Droupadi Murmu Accapts PM Modi Resignation

PM Modi resigned from his post of Prime Minister to become PM again. He was officaly invited by honourable President of India, Droupadi Murmu. President has accepted PM Modi’s resignation and asks him to continue as caretaker. He has resigned from the 17th Lok Sabha dissolution and it has been accepted by President.

The official decision to resign was made following a Cabinet meeting which was held in New Delhi on Wednesday, where the recommendation to dissolve the cabinet whose term is set to expire on 16th June 2024 was put forward.

A Meeting was held of the newly elected MPs of the NDA on 7th June 2024, Friday. This meeting was led by BJP. And they held in the national capital to discuss the formation of the government. The Election Commisision of India has announced the result for 542 out of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies with Bharatiya Janata Party securing total of 240 seats and Congress winning 99.

This time BJP needs the support of other parties in his coalition like JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. Because they fell 32 seats short of the 272 majority mark in Lok Sabha elections 2024.

PM Modi To Be sowrn IN As India’s PM On Sunday

Prime Minister Narender Modi, the official leader of the BJP is all set to take the oath as India’s Prime Minister for the third time on 9th June 2024, Sunday. This oath ceremony is going to take place at 06:00 PM IST. PM Modi resigned from his post after BJP, the National Demoractic Alliance (NDA) won the Lok Sabha elections 2024 with 293 seats. The results of the elections were completely shocking because BJP does not win the election with full majority.

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